YUANDA is a focusenterprise, professional produce blow moulding machine,we mainly produce kinds of two-step automatic blow moulding machine and semi-automatic blow moulding machine,we also produce preform mould ,bottle mould and cap mould.   
We have advanced technology,equipment and experience,specially in the area of hot filling bottle.   
Our company located in HuangYan, the centre of plastic and mould of China,we have 4 production workshops and more than 20 engineers who can supply perfect service in mould,machine and technology areas.   
We will do our best to satisfy our customers and you are always welcome.

Insists the faith throughout broadly, does one"s best to unify the first-class design and the multiple quality guaranteeds, displays the product perfectly the interpersonal relationship and the time compatibility.

Our dedicated continuing in machine design"s each time and function each part, we must diligently you now and future enterprise idea unifies scientifically in together, our each product, appraises the objective environment, the use custom and the fashion trend after the designer, we have the specialty research and development department with to proliferate the regional sales service network, coordinates the advanced production equipment and the talented person, momentarily grasps takes the initiative, rapid strictly provides the service for you.

Why Choose Us

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Technical support

Customize the best blow molding process program according to your products,

Customer Training

Before the delivery of the blow molding machine or at the beginning of delivery, yuanda’s


Currently, Baxing Machinery manufactures the following main products

After-sales services

Yuanda recruits experienced blow molding machine engineering and technicians


We at Caliber design and create brilliance at work in a uniquely stylish process.

Quality Assurance

in order to ensure that the blow molding machine can achieve long-term stable operation